Teradata Provides the Fastest Path to Analytics in the Cloud

Secure, Scalable, and Proven Cloud Solutions

Cloud services offer benefits including subscription pricing, rapid spin-up, and the freedom to focus on business value. And with Teradata Everywhere™, our industry-leading data warehouse and analytic software can be deployed wherever you need it.


Leave the Minutiae to Us

Teradata IntelliCloud™ as-a-service enables your team to focus on data-driven business outcomes—instead of infrastructure. Let us manage the details so you can focus on answers.

Intellicloud as-a-service


We guarantee system availability and offer the lowest cost per query, so you can save time and get the most value from your data.  With Intellicloud, we manage performance, security, availability, and operations.


Deployment Options

IntelliCloud services for public cloud combine the most performant and secure analytics platform with the agility and flexibility of AWS and Azure infrastructure. Rather deploy in our data centers? We can do that, too.


  • Leave the Minutiae to Us
  • Flexibility
  • Deployment Options

Do-it-yourself Deployment Build and manage your analytics platform yourself using Teradata software with AWS and Azure compute and storage infrastructure. We’ll support you with flexible subscription pricing and Teradata Premier Cloud Support.
Do-it-yourself Deployment
private cloud Leverage the agile and scalable options of Teradata Database on VMware for a wide range of use cases such as advanced application development, prototyping, and production environment deployment.
private cloud