Teradata Support, Education and Certification

Teradata at Your Service (TAYS), Teradata Education Network (TEN), Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP)

Continue to grow with Teradata through a variety of education and certification options, courses, levels and certifications or get support for your current Teradata portfolio of products through Teradata At Your Service (TAYS).


Teradata at Your Service (TAYS)

Teradata at Your Service (TAYS) is a secure portal that provides our customers access to Teradata products, services, education and support function information to simplify managing your service needs.


Teradata Education (TEN)

Teradata Education designs, develops and delivers cost-effective training that builds Teradata skills and capabilities. Training programs feature our highly experienced instructors and a world-class collection of online content.


The Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP)

The Teradata Certified Professional Program develops and manages Teradata’s premier Certification Program. Teradata’s training, preparation materials, exam development and delivery protocol establish an industry recognized and valued certification program that measures and validates technical abilities used to advance business strategy using Teradata’s market leading technology.